With more than 10 over years in the taxi industry, UCAST provide the complete solution for taxi operators worldwide. From digital taxi meters to common use peripherals such as thermal printer, panic button, LED taxi Roof top, networking device like the onboard gateway to enable smooth communication between the in-vehicle devices, peripherals and cloud server to facilitate real-time data transmission thereby providing full visibility to operators to make timely decisions.

We understand taxi is a dynamic consumer-facing industry with ever-growing new demands - cashless payments, fixed priced journey VS metered fare, street hail VS private booking, infrastructure needs to keep up with the changes.

Therefore, UCAST has embarked on a series of R&D to better the current infrastructure and solution with minimal cost to support this new norm.

UCAST supports wireless peripherals to enable wireless connection within driver's cabin to minimize possible hazards and wiring maintenance.

UCAST Mobile Data Terminal is a Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) approved digital meters with ready interfacing with LTA for submission of monthly report mandatory for all Singapore taxi operators.