UCAST is one of the leading regional asset management solution providers for supporting more than 10 thousand vehicles and assets in Singapore and Middle East. Leveraging both InfoComm engineering and enterprise solution capability, we are able to deliver complete IEMS solution that can effectively manage the entire equipment life-cycle and bring business value on GSE operation management.

Our Integrated Equipment Management System (IEMS) will provide full visibility of all the equipment in the airport with the capability to expand the scope for ULD and future equipment with following advantage:

• To track and manage equipment in the full airport area instead of fixed location only;

• To gain equipment location with easy BLE active tag installation;

• To switch to 4G network only when Wi-Fi is not available, the connection transaction is completed in 3 seconds;

• To access accurate equipment position with UCAST registered PreciseTurn technology.

• To achieve reliable geo-fence detection without delay through terminal box computation instead of backend detection.